Bonjour !

I’m Ludivine Josephine, a French fashion illustrator based in Nîmes, in the south of France. I graduated from Art School.

Award winning, and passionate about both fashion and illustration, I love combining these two worlds in my work, particularly by drawing stylish women. I find inspiration in the way their bodies move and how their clothing can express their energy. I aim to capture this essence in my drawings, using spontaneous lines, shapes, and colors.

Street fashion, the timeless elegance of women, as well as fashion runways, accessories, and decorative items, all serve as inexhaustible sources of inspiration for my art.


Thank you so much! I love it, you did exactly what I wished for!!  My son will have this forever to pass down. ❤️

Susan Martin Stox Yamashita
Founder / Stox & Co.


Thank you Ludivine for your beautiful work ❤️🐝



The world has expended since you made my portrait. Thank you making my thoughts more and more real! It's stars here.


Paumes de Reinette

Votre travail illustre parfaitement mon projet et j'en suis très touchée. Je suis fière de pouvoir le montrer et mettre également votre art en avant.

Caroline Morvan

Flora Nioré – groupe PVH

J'ai eu la chance de collaborer avec Ludivine à l'occasion de la journée internationale du droit de la Femme. Ludivine a crée une illustration spécialement pour PVH dans un esprit d'inclusion et de diversité. Ludivine est une artiste talentueuse avec qui ça a été un plaisir de travailler. Merci !

Flora Nioré
Coco de Chanel (personal work)